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Sunday, November 7

Latest news, EPC has done it again, after campaigning winning chaos bikes and embarrassing a few of the big boys in the process, we took on the impossible mission and succeeded. Brad Lowe Mechanic and lead rider at Extreme performance Cycle rode his nearly bone stock 2004 R1 down to a 9.38 at the Gainesville Raceway during the Pro Star World Championship Sunday. Talking to bike owner Brad and shop Owner Dave they tell that the R1 project started out as something to try while campaigning the bikes they were running in Street Chaos at select Pro Star events. In the last 2 races of the season they decided that it was time to do something different, ZX10’s dominated, Gixxers were usually runner up but no one was running Yamaha.  People said it couldn’t be done, a Yamaha couldn’t be competitive in Liter Stock, well were here to tell you, it’s done. For those of you in the know, a 9.38 pass isn’t going to take a top 5 finish in this class of blazing fast bikes and lightning quick riders but that’s not to worry. In a class running ceramic hybrid wheel bearings, friction coatings, and huge budget attempts to get every last hundredth of a second out of these bikes. EPC fielded a nearly bone stock R1, No ceramic bearings and a host of other things NOT done to this ride (yet) on a small budget we put this bike under the class season average, and faster than any other time posted by an R1 in the country  ever and did it  in 2 events. The race effort for the season had concentrated on the chaos bikes, the Bomber Busa, and shop owner Dave’s killer ZX12. To be honest, it was just too easy to run chaos and win since these types of extreme rides are what EPC specializes in. Brad made the decision to enter the R1 at the Indy event just to have a little extra seat time and something to do during the day, after that the question came up of “Why dont we see what we can do with this thing?”, and thats how it started. Brad being a long time die hard Yamaha fan, and Dave having great respect for them himself got together and agreed that the should field the bike. So for Memphis the R1 weight system, and clutch mod was created, the bike got a little better tuning and Brad got a little more practice. In Memphis this ride went down into the 9.40’s. Still nothing to brag about but promising. With the shop still working on perfecting the clutch mod, and weight system, and bike owner Brad still getting used to the changes it went to a few test and tune nights at the local strip, we searched for gearing, tuning, mapping until we thought we had a decent setup. Headed off to Gainesville and the rest is history. An R1 posts competitive times in this highly competitive class for the first time ever. With very little time to research the bike in question the race team at EPC has shown what we can do with a tiny budget, a lot of hard work, and almost no time to do it in. What will 2005 bring? Well, I’ll tell you, 2005 is going to bring you the first winning R1 in Liter Stock (Super Stock) and were going to be the ones to bring it to you. Look for this ride to show up in Valdosta Georgia at the season opener and run times no one else has ever seen before. In the meantime, get your R1 ready to show the world what it can do, we may not share all our race secrets but were more than happy to share the basics so we can all go fast. Our weight system, and Clutch Cushion are available through the EPC shop, as well as the rest of our go fast goodies with more to come for the R1 as development completes.